Radiology needs to
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neaLink provides a working horse even for the most demanding enterprise imaging use cases

Need for evidence

There are three general trends that affect to radiology, namely population aging, personalized and precision medicine as well as ICT development.

Inside the radiology the discussion about sub-specialties versus whole discipline unity continues. Technological evolution has been faster than ever, but there are signs that show a slight decrease in invention cycles and accreditation to reimbursement for new equipment.

The focus is on a higher level of evidence for the patients. The ICT development is still of the essence, thus helping the everyday diagnostics by the use of enterprise imaging approach, AI and structured reporting, just to name a few.

Focus on workflows

Due to the constant patient population change (aging, movement) and the increased data amounts the radiology workflow becomes even more crucial because of the amount of the radiologist does not grow. This is where Neagen excels, because we consider the whole workflow instead of possible sub-optimal solution.

Market studies also show that operational silos in hospitals do exist. NeaLink provides healthcare organisations with flexible and fast, but sufficiently controlled access to patient’s all imaging data as well as medical reports. The data can also be placed in several existing data silos. NeaLink hides the underlying complexity from the users and provides them with intuitive easy to use interface to streamline daily use giving them more time to concentrate on patients.

Single-sign-on from patient management system makes the neaLink usage fluent and the clinicians are provided with an overview of patient’s all studies. By using neaLink your organisation can store and view for example, radiological and pathology images, photos, videos and images from different disciplines, ECG measurements, PDF reports and analyses. This is how we see enterprise imaging as its best.

MDT-meetings have become more common, which facilitates the care paths. NeaLink has an extremely easy-to-use calendar based meeting tool to which interesting cases can be added on-the-fly.

Omnipresent viewing

The IT solutions need to support the new care thinking. Flexibility, integration possibilities, modern viewing tools and decision support provide a more holistic view to patient data to enable more value based care.

With neaLink we provide 98% of the everyday viewer functionality radiologist needs. When opening the examination from underlying data silos neaLink automatically identifies the study type, whether it is radiological image, ECG-signal, digital photo or PDF-report, etc. The selected examinations are then opened in a most suitable viewer according to user privileges to allow e.g. measuring functions or comparison of multiple images.

neaLink has web-based viewing tools that can be used in PC, tablet-PC or smartphone. Therefore, clinical assessments can be made irrelevant of place and time.

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