The leanest AV-system for operating rooms

Value based care enhances the role of the operating theatre AV-system

Simplicity in complexity

Value based care strives the providers to seek for cost efficiency, and more outcomes. Operating rooms are becoming multi-functional to allow a hospital to adjust to possible changing care needs or patient treatment queue scenarios.

Modern OR room itself is far from simple. Surgical operating rooms are equipped with different image sources, patient monitors, imaging devices and PACS workstation. Additionally, there are different cameras and 1-4 ceiling suspended screens and possibly one or more screen on the room wall. From the enterprise imaging perspective, neaLink simplifies the OR to look like one imaging device. We are able to fully support urology, gastroenterology, orthopedic or cardiology operations, just to name a few.

This requires flexibility from the infrastructure and simplicity to boost the everyday operation without extra training and education. Our system can provide you with extreme flexibility to utilize your facilities. To room can be re-equipped from one operation to another by bringing in totally different set of medical devices, such as, C-arm, laparoscopy, ultrasound, etc. These can be connected to system with a standard single fibre optic connector and any image source can be shown on any display.

Everyday workflows supported

neaLink OR-solution is based on proven Nexxis fibre optic hardware technology by Barco. Our focus has been to design minimal hardware configuration of the entire system. Every additional hardware component is a potential error source during its lifetime, since hardware ages. For certain functionality we have preferred to use the software instead. Our solution is designed to require a minimalistic physical footprint inside the OR and the rest of the components can be installed in the central server room.

Our software provides you with industry leading workflow starting from the patient information system integration down to clever technologies for video and still image recording during the operation. This all is accompanied with very intuitive and blazing fast video editing possibility from any device connected to the hospital network.

Hence the meetings and teaching are more common we can provide you with the real-time video and audio communication between the ORs or to the lecture rooms.

Freedom of choice applies in our OR solution as well, thus no vendor lockups, and you can pick the best of breed solutions for your operation room to support the daily work. We have done installations from simple angio-rooms to multipurpose hybrid operating rooms.

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