Digital pathology
goes DICOM

There are good reasons to adopt the lessons learnt from radiology digitalization


The backbone is the most relevant building block in the successful digital pathology process and DICOM standard is an elementary part of it. The worldwide standard enables the digital workflow; e.g. metadata information to glass plates and easy integration of scanners to system. The power of DICOM communication has been proven in many medical specialties during the decades and there is no single reason why pathology should not deploy it. Using a global standard also means true data ownership for the providers, hence avoiding expensive vendor lockups.

During the past 15 years Neagen has developed a reliable and scalable data archive neaLink that suits especially well for the big data amounts which prevails in digital pathology. We also know how to manage and distribute the data within the provider organisations based on the EU regulations.

Another important building block of the backbone is integration capability. In real life, the integration means that You can look from the LIMS systems, if the patients’ glass plates have already been scanned. The images and the referral can be viewed from the LIMS with one click.


In addition to our digital pathology backbone, we continually develop new solutions to boost the digitalisation even further.

The role of the MDT-meetings increases in the value based care process. You can easily select the most interesting cases and tag them to a specific meeting. Our solution enables You to view pathology and radiology images simultaneously with their respective ĂĄreferrals and reports in one single viewer. Creating the meetings is also made as easy as possible by using an intuitive calendar view.

Neagen solution is web-based, thus the Consultation Tool enables You to provide the pathology services safely and easily outside the hospital walls. We utilize the latest technology to ensure fast and reliable service, according to the EU regulations.

Image analysis

We are not self-sufficient in image analysis. Neagen can provide You with the most useful clinical image analysis tools, for example HER2 and KI67 thus supporting the digitalization even further.

Should You wish to have something else, we can collaborate with our industrial or academic partner network to develop Your vision into reality.

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