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Neagen solutions:

Digital pathology

Pathology digitalization benefits of the radiology lessons learnt. With us you can make it first time right.

Digitalizing pathology is an ongoing process. Like in radiology, we foresee that once digitalization is implemented, no-one wants to look back. Ergonomic, availability and process enhancements are evident.

We utilize our 15 years of experience for the benefit of the pathology domain. This can be seen in interoperability, storing knowledge and especially in our intelligent viewing technology of the digital glass plates both with PC and mobile.

We provide you with neaLink Digital Pathology Solution that is scanner agnostic, high performance digital glass plate storing and viewing solution.

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Neagen started in the radiology domain 20 years ago. Our neaLink VNA solution is continuously evolving.

Technical evolution in radiology has been faster than ever. At the moment the focus is now on a higher level of evidence for the patients, thus increasing amount of new examinations are developed.

While the amount of the radiologists does not grow compared to an aging population and increasing number and variety of examinations, we provide help to everyday diagnostics workflows by the use of enterprise imaging approach, VNA, artificial intelligence and structured reporting.

With neaLink we provide 98% of the everyday viewer functionality your radiologist needs. Workflows are supported by several intelligent technology solutions that streamline the daily diagnostics.

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Operating rooms

We can provide you with the leanest AV-solution in the market with least space needed.

Value based care strives the providers to seek for cost efficiency, and more outcomes. Operating rooms are becoming multi-functional to allow a hospital to adjust to possibly changing care needs or patient treatment queue scenarios OR is a very complex technological environment, but our technology simplifies each room to look like a single imaging modality to the PACS.

The recorded video-, image- and audio files can be streamed live within the hospital network. The examinations are stored according to DICOM format to neaLink VNA. The files can be viewed safely with neaLink web-based viewer from any location.

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Clinical photos

Since 2003 we have done hospital-wide storing of photos integrated with electronic medical record to provide data security and audit trail.

As they say, image tells you more than 1000 words. The images from dermatology, emergency, wound care, forensic cases or ophthalmology should also be stored to common archive to provide continuity of care.

neaLink converts the images and videos according to DICOM and archives them to neaLink VNA or 3rd party storage. Single-sign-on integration provides seamless workflow, reduces errors and allows audit trail. neaLink is proven solution providing image storing from any terminal device.

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Digital ECG

We are the market leading provider of DICOM ECG storing and viewing solutions.

Digital electrocardiograms have been tightly coupled with manufacturer’s applications. There are several ECG equipment manufacturers supporting DICOM communication protocol. These devices can be connected to our system in plug-and-play fashion. In order to broaden the selection of ECG devices to our customers even further, we have developed converters from 3rd party ECG formats to DICOM.

Our technology is also used to transfer ECGs in real time from defibrillators of the mobile emergency medical units to the hospital. The solution allows doctors to make a preliminary diagnosis immediately and prepare the stuff for the arriving emergency patient.

Furthermore, we have developed a dedicated ECG-viewer to meet the needs of the most demanding users. We have industry leading pure HTML-viewer for DICOM-ECG bringing the data anywhere and any device.

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It takes just a press of a button to store images and videos to PACS.

Traditional endoscopy solutions don’t seem to utilize the DICOM video storing possibility. The connectivity is mainly storing still images to PACS while the videos are stored as multiframe images to local server. Storing multiframes is not practical for videos longer than 1-2 seconds because DICOM supports modern video encoding schemes that can be used to archive and distribute videos of any length.

Neagen user interface is revolutionary. We have brought automated storing and post-processing of the videos to the next level compared to other vendors. Naturally, we can include an interactive anatomy map to the studies to boost user friendliness even further. All the images, videos and annotations are transferred to neaLink VNA or 3rd party PACS for further distribution.

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About Neagen

Neagen is a medical imaging technology provider that excels in mending the workflows. We create highly scalable, robust and secure software solutions for healthcare professionals.

In the world of marketing acronyms such as PACS, VNA, and ICA, our long expertise in clinical imaging and standard-based non-proprietary IT, can help you to resolve medical imaging challenges of today and tomorrow.

With Neagen, you can choose the solution you need, from clinical to enterprise, to reduce the complexity of your healthcare IT and gain freedom-of-choice, ease of use and secure future- thanks to our interoperable solutions.


All patient medical data, such as radiology images, pathology digital glass plates, reports, signals, photos and videos, should be archived in truly standard DICOM-format, thus allowing you to own the data. Based on our experience storing data in non-DICOM format is just an excuse or lack of knowledge.

Having a genuinely vendor neutral archive (VNA) like neaLink, the data is stored according to international standards, it supports your existing and future strategy regardless of your choice of vendor and whether your storage is local, central, or cloud-based. Our technology is made to support your business.


Avoiding vendor lockups, enables you to choose the solutions, imaging modalities, scanners, HW backbone, the whole architecture you want – best of each worlds.

We bring the data ownership back to you and in your control. With us you have the freedom to grow from ology to ology and from enterprise to enterprise, in order to better control related costs.


It is all about people. We provide you and your team in-depth industry know how partnership that can promptly adapt to your needs. Your team can be provided with a uniform user interface and intuitive technology that gives clinicians, technicians and specialists quick access to visualization on myriad information.

Having a genuinely vendor neutral archive (VNA) like neaLink, the data is stored according to international standards, it supports your existing and future strategy regardless of your choice of vendor and whether your storage is local, central, or cloud-based. Our technology is made to support your business.


Legislation and regulation are getting more complex. However you can rest assured that Neagen solution comply even with the most stringent requirements. Neagen technology is future proof by default, be it storage-neutrality or vendor agnostics for devices. We are future proof because of standards and meticulously meeting the legislation and security requirements.

With us you own the data, thus you have the possibility to make a change if needed. Should you wish to have new features or workflows, you need to select a partner that can implement your vision into everyday workflow.


Neagen was established in 2002. Ever since we have helped national entities, university hospitals, private clinics, central hospitals, modality vendors, health centers and technology providers in the medical imaging domain, including:


Average data growth rate in typical customer installation.


Market share in digital ECG archive in selected markets.

16 000 000

Rows of error free code in our solutions.